The Future of the Spin Case

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Quick Update:
At this point the Spin Case has successfully funded on Kickstarter. My number one goal is to complete production and ship to my backers.  So far it has taken longer than expected, but for good reasons.  Within the last week of my campaign I added the power module and within the last 24 hours I added a storage module.  Along with these two new components I also added an upgraded RPi holder machined from nylon.  Some might think, “So why would it take that much longer?” The easy answer is that every new component has to fit well with the others… not a quick task to test.  After nearly two months of several iterations AFTER the campaign completed, the designs were complete and into production.

I get a lot of emails asking if the Spin Case will be for sale anytime soon.  I’m going to say yes for now, but I’ll be evaluating the long term availability once I check the overall cost as well as my personal time needed in keeping the Spin alive.  If you want to buy one, contact me and I will email you a link to a site where you can purchase one once they’re available.

Finally, do you like spam?  Me neither.  For that reason I’ll be shutting down the comments section of my blog due to the excessive amounts of spam but again you can always dialogue with me via the contact page.

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