The Final Future of the Spin Case

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Thank you for your interest.  In short, the Spin Case will not be produced beyond the Kickstarter campaign.

The long of it – Lots of learning, some fun and a little bit of revenge…

The Spin Case was originally entered in Make Magazine’s Raspberry Pi contest.  People loved it… but I lost.  Life presents you with different emotional opportunities and responses.  I chose revenge and the best revenge is revenue.  Starting a Kickstarter campaign made the Spin Case a 200% success.  In full disclosure I, like many Kickstarter creators, lost a little money due to rising material prices, bad vendors that had to do things over and international shipping which sucked all the remaining profit out of every order that left the country.  Would I do it again? No.  Am I glad it? Yes.  I consider it a bucket-list checkmark.

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