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Let’s dig into some of the design features of the Spin.  One thing ignored by most case designs is cable management.  Using a Raspberry Pi usually means you’ll have at least 2-3 cables sticking out each side of the board and although connectors on circuit boards are pretty tough, over time these connections might get damaged from cable strain.

I wanted to take any stress off of these components and transfer them to the chassis which is the strongest part of the case. In reality, the HDMI and power cable turns a full 270 and 180 degrees respectively out the back of the case. That’s why I needed to install several mounting posts to act as supports so that the chassis takes any strain off the board and keeps the cables nice and straight. It’s such a solid design that pulling on the HDMI cable is kind of like pulling on a rope and pulley… it simply unplugs with no damage to the board or connector.

Cable supports transfer any cable strain away from the board and into the rugged chassis.

Cable supports transfer any cable strain away from the board and into the rugged chassis.


Eoin Morgan

April 19, 2013


Hi Jay,
As a young coder/tech enthusiast, I, like you, have fallen in love with the raspberry pi. I love the endless possibilities that it offers but when it comes to cases, I have come to a halt. I want a case that is beautiful, yet simplistic and also offers access to the raspberry pi in an instant. Your case is everything that I am looking for and if you decide to retail it I would be the first in line for it. Living in Ireland I do not have access to machines such as the ones featured in your video. I have a small homemade cnc that will barely cut wood so I would never be able to make it myself.
Just a sidenote, I think that your case could possibly use an on/off/reset button (link to how to ) using one of these


April 25, 2013


Congrats! Best Pi case I have everseen.
I would buy it unfortunately I am second – Eoin came first.


May 10, 2013


I’d buy this in a hot minute as well. Let me know if you do a mini run. Will be happy to pitch in.