How About a Logo?

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Product design and manufacturing are my specialties and just because I own Illustrator and Photoshop doesn’t mean I can (or should) make a logo for the Spin case.  That’s why I turned to a professional graphic designer.  Here’s a couple reason which might benefit anyone interested in turning their project into a legitimate product.

First, I know my eye’s limitations when it comes to good graphic design.  There’s always someone out there that sees things just a little differently yet is able to communicate my intended message.  I think the idea of incorporating circuit board vias and traces into a circular shape is genius.  Since I don’t deal with electronics much, I would have never thought to incorporate those design elements.

Second, even if I were a talented jack-of-all-trades, it would not be wise to spread myself thin across every aspect of development of the Spin case.  Instead, I chose to focus on what I do best.  By rounding up others to apply their expertise gives the project a professional touch from initial idea to product launch all at a faster development pace.  If I did everything myself the Spin case would be a good design surrounded by a lot of mediocrity and arrive late to the party.

Enough talk… let’s check out the logo.





The more I look at them, the more I think these logos need to live on T-shirts too.  What do you think?

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